Temtem Is A Pokémon-Inspired MMO By The Developers Of Immortal Redneck



Temtem is a game currently on Kickstarter that’s all about becoming the best Temtem tamer there ever was. Players explore the Airborne Archipelago with many other tamers, battling the eight Dojo Leaders and aiming for the top.



If this all seems very suspiciously familiar, this is because Crema, the makers behind the game who also previously created Immortal Redneck, is quite upfront with its Pokémon inspiration.


temtem 2


Battles are turn-based, but are focused on 2v2 rather than the 1v1 found in Pokémon’s main campaign. The combat is also 100% skill and strategy based, as random factors are not present in the battle system.


temtem 3


Another new feature to Temtem is that while Breeding is still the primary way to get the perfect movesets and stats, each Temtem bred will actually lower the Genetic Degradation value, which means it can only be bred a certain amount of times.


While the game will have full story mode which spans the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, Temtem will be a massively multiplayer online game where players can trade or battle with other people as much as they want. The story campaign will also be fully co-op compatible.


temtem 2


Finally, the game will feature full housing and tamer customization. The game currently has a US $70,000 goal on Kickstarter to reach by July 3, 2018.


Temtem currently is planned for a PC release, with console ports if stretch goals are met.

Alistair Wong
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