Tenchu 4 to be Wii exclusive?


tenchu1.jpg Well, this came out of left field. News from the latest issue of Famitsu seems to indicate that Tenchu 4 will be coming to Wii on October 23rd…and only to Wii. And, even more interesting (at least for longtime Tenchu fans) is the news that apparently From Software, the developer of the last few games in the series, will not be developing Tenchu 4. Instead, original developers Acquire will be taking over the series once again. Which would be great news for Tenchu fans, as From Software's entries in the series have been seen as fairly weak by many. Regardless, until we get solid confirmation, this should be considered a rumor for now. But, now that both Monster Hunter and Fatal Frame have jumped to the Wii, nothing would surprise me.


UPDATE: Scans from Famitsu now indicate that From Software is indeed involved in Tenchu 4. The scans clearly shows "FROM SOFTWARE X ACQUIRE", which is quite interesting. This could be something to keep an eye on, especially for Tenchu fans. 


Images courtesy of From Software.