Teppen Zero Deck Is ‘Haunted by Memories’

teppen zero deck

A Maverick Hunter is heading into a mobile game. The Teppen Zero debut has been announced. This Mega Man star will be joining the collectible card game in March 2020, bringing along with him a whole new card mechanic called Memory. Appropriately enough, the whole thing is called Haunted by Memories.

As one might expect. Zero is appearing as a Hero character. His Hero Arts are Fight Against Inner Demons, which adds a Maverick or Maverick Hunter to the pocket, a Rakuhouha move that deals differing amount of damage depending on how much Memory you have, and a Tenkuuha ability that gives one of your cards +2 attack and a Combo. Any Memory skill looks at how many actions you’ve taken that battle to determine how that card will then react.

A few of the Teppen Zero update cards with Memory were revealed. One is a Leon S. Kennedy “Agent’s Memories” Legendary card, which deals different amounts of damage depending on Memory. A Cammy “The Doll’s Memories” will be another Legendary, with the effect “Gives a unit +4/-4 if Memory is 7. Give that unit +4/+4 instead if Memory is 0.” Zero will have a “Maverick’s Memories” Legendary card that negates actions and might or might not destroy an ally in the process depending on Memories. Finally, the Sigma “Rebel’s Memories” Legendary was among the first reveals, with the potential to destroy one enemy or all units.

Here’s a trailer looking at the Teppen Zero backstory.

New heroes from Capcom’s games have gradually been beefing up Teppen’s library. In the past, Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine and Devil May Cry’s Nero both found their way into the game.

Teppen is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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