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TGA 2022: Forspoken Demo to Launch Later Tonight

forspoken demo

There will be a demo for Forspoken available for the PS5 and Windows PC. A trailer for it appeared during TGA 2022, showing off some gameplay and scenes. It will take up 30 GB of storage space. You will be able to play five different objectives in the demo. Outside of that, you can use the demo time to explore the magical parkour Frey is capable of.

You can watch the trailer for the demo here:

News of the Forspoken demo appeared online even prior to the TGA 2022 stream. Some people noticed that information about it had appeared on the PSN store earlier on December 8, 2022. However, it was not until TGA 2022 that we got to see a trailer for it.

The game was supposed to come out in May 2022, and then a delay pushed it to October 2022. However, there was another delay that caused the game to come out in early January 2023 instead. Previously, trailers and marketing for Forspoken showed off the magical parkour you can use to traverse the world. It is one of the game’s main selling points. In October 2022, an entire trailer around it came out, showing off exploration skills you can use to get around Athia.

Forspoken will come out on January 24, 2023 for the PS5 and Windows PC. The Forspoken demo will go live later tonight on December 8, 2022. However, it will only be available for the PlayStation 5, it seems.

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