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The Best Boothill Teams in Honkai: Star Rail Boost His Break Effect

Boothill in Honkai: Star Rail is a 5-star Physical Hunt character who works exceptionally well as a main attacker on teams. He works best on teams that can boost his Break Effect and help him deal more damage against enemies.

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Because Boothill’s kit scales so much with Break Effect, you’ll want to run him with characters that can buff that stat. You should also run him with characters that can help with his SPD or give him more turns, which will help him deal more damage and get his Ultimate back. Unlike some DPS characters, Boothill doesn’t work the best when there’s another attacker on the team since he’s going to want as many Skill Points as possible to use his Enhanced Basic Attack.

Here are the Best Characters For Your Boothill Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

honkai star rail boothill teams
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  • Boothill | Harmony Trailblazer | Asta | Sustain (Gallagher or HuoHuo)
    • This is a great team that takes advantage of Asta and Trailblazer’s Ultimates. Asta can improve Boothill’s SPD while serving as the occasional sub-DPS when she can’t use her Ultimate, and Trailblazer’s Break Effect buff is exactly what Boothill needs. Super Break with Boothill is absolutely insane, so I highly recommend Trailblazer for his support. For your sustain, you can use either Gallagher (for overall synergy since he scales off Break Effect) or Huohuo (since she can restore Energy and increase SPD if you have her E1 or a full Messenger set on her).
  • Boothill | Ruan Mei | Harmony Trailblazer | Gallagher
    • This is a very similar team to the above, except this time, by putting in Gallagher and Ruan Mei, it’s a lot more focused on Break Effect. Gallagher can also benefit from Harmony Trailblazer and Ruan Mei since he scales off his Break Effect.
  • Boothill | Bronya | Harmony Trailblazer | Sustain (HuoHuo or Gallagher)
    • This is a great team for people who may not have Ruan Mei but have Bronya instead. Bronya’s a really good support for Boothill because she can grant him more turns. Meanwhile, Harmony Trailblazer is still doing what Harmony Trailblazer does (Super Break). Your sustain can be anybody, but again, I recommend Huohuo or Gallagher.
  • Boothill | Robin | Silver Wolf | Natasha
    • This is a mono-Physical team that uses Silver Wolf to plant a Physical Weakness in enemies that don’t have one. Robin would be a sub-DPS and support member of this team, while Natasha would be the sustain.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. You can only pull for Boothill in Honkai: Star Rail when the “Dusty Trail’s Lone Star” banner is live.

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