The Creators Of Machinarium Tease Their Next Enchanting Adventure Samorost 3



Czech studio Amanita Design has released a new teaser trailer and screenshots for its upcoming point-and-click adventure game Samorost 3. It’s due to be released later this year on PC, iOS, and Android.


As the title states, it’s the sequel to Samorost 2 (play it here), which was originally released on PC in 2005. if you’re not familiar with it then you may have heard of and even played Amanita’s more recent games such as Machinarium and Botanicula.


Samorost 3 follows the space gnome (and his dog, hopefully) once again on his biggest adventure yet. It starts with a magical flute falling from the sky and into his hands. With its help he is able to build a new spaceship, explore five different planets and four moons, as well as solve many mysteries (including the one regarding the flute’s origin).




As can be seen in the screenshots and trailer, these planets and moons are natural-looking and thriving worlds of flora and fauna. On the lusher planets especially there is a lot of wood and vegetation, including wood people, fallen trees being used as bridges, plants turned into houses, Some of the moons even look like isolated biomes made of dry bark and root piles. There are also more barren places to explore populated with the dry bronze dust we’re used to seeing pictures of from the Mars Rover.


There are also plenty of peaceful creatures to meet with their own strange and docile lives going. So there should be plenty of alien life to explore and delight in. Lastly, in the teaser, we get a glimpse at some of the traditional puzzles, made of switches and pulleys, that we’ll have to solve within the environments.


To see more of Samorost 3 check out its new website.





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