The Digimon Card Game Will Make its English Debut in Early 2021

Digimon Card Game English Release

The Digimon Card Game will make its English debut in January 2021. In commemoration of the debut, the official Digimon Card Game website has uploaded information about upcoming special promotions and pre-sales.

The Digimon Card Game Super Pre-Sale will be held at the end of November, but will only be available to select stores. This will allow avid collectors and those interested in the card game to get their hands on the cards before they will be available to the general public. Items included are the Digimon Card Game Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 [BT01-03] and Digimon Card Game Starter Deck -Gaia Red-, -Cocytus Blue-, and -Heaven’s Yellow-.

The Digimon Card Game Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 [BT01-03] will contain cards from the Japanese release of Booster Vol. 1-3. The core set of the Special Booster Ver.1.0 also contains seven DigiDestined cards. The release date for this pack is January 2021 and will cost $3.99 per pack.

For now the official website is fairly bare bones. However, the Digimon Card Game website does mention that more information will be up before the full English release.

For those that simply can’t get enough of the Digimon series, downloads for the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna will begin this month.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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