During the week of December 8th, Sony released a “Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation 4 in Japan. Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that the special Dragon Quest-themed console sold 38,000 units, bringing total PS4 sales for the week to 68,041.


That’s the highest PS4 sales have been during any given week in Japan since the console’s launch back in February, when it sold 309,000 units.


It also helped that each of the Dragon Quest-themed consoles came with a download code for Dragon Quest Heroes, which will be released on February 26th, 2015 in Japan.


Square Enix currently have three Dragon Quest games in development that have been mentioned publicly. There’s Dragon Quest Heroes for PS3/PS4, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest for the Nintendo 3DS, and a brand new Dragon Quest Monsters game for an unspecified platform.


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