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The Good Life Introduces Rainy Woods Inhabitants Virginia & Morris, And Scenery Update


the good life 3

The latest Kickstarter update for SWERY’s The Good Life has released, and it introduces two new citizens of the small town Rainy Woods – Virginia Yates and Morris Downer.



The character designs shown off include both human and dog appearances for the characters. As a reminder, the game is about a photographer from New York named Naomi, who gets stuck in Rainy Woods, a pleasant town where people turn into cats and dogs at night.


Virginia Yates

the good life 5

the good life 6


Morris Downer

the good life 7

the good life 8



Apart from the above characters, White Owls also released a few new screenshots of the rustic scenery in the game, and how the plantlife was emphasized in order to bring out the feel of the English countryside.



Previously, we reported back in November that The Good Life is coming to the Xbox One digitally, with Game Pass access. You can read more about that here.


The Good Life is in development for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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