The Great Ace Attorney Characters Help Osaka Police Reduce Drug Abuse

Great Ace Attorney Kazuma Ryunosuke and Susato in Osaka Police ad

Capcom announced that the Osaka Prefectural Police has worked with the game company to create a new crime prevention awareness campaign using characters from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The series’ main characters Ryunosuke Naruhodo, Kazuma Asogi, and Susato Mikotoba are featured in the new poster. It will remind people in Japan—especially juveniles—to stay away from abusing cannabis, as it will “steal their futures.”

The poster also reminds people of cannabis-related penalties in Japan’s law. People found possessing, handing over, and receiving cannabis will have up to five years of imprisonment. Cultivation, export, and import of the drug will carry a penalty of up to seven years imprisonment.

You can click the thumbnail below to view the Osaka police’s new poster featuring The Great Ace Attorney characters in full:

In the same press release, Capcom noted that it has been working with prefectures around Japan to promote tourism and educate people about crime prevention. In 2020, the Osaka prefecture used Street Fighter characters in a cybercrime prevention ad to warn people against phishing.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which compiles the first game Adventures and the second game Resolve into a single collection, is immediately available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Ace Attorney series is also currently celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021.

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