The Idolmaster SideM: Growing Stars Will Be a New Rhythm Game

The Idolmaster SideM Growing Stars

Bandai Namco officially revealed The Idolmaster SideM: Growing Stars. After initially revealing the title in March 2021, the company published details on the new mobile game in a live stream held on June 9, 2021. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The main gameplay segment in Growing Stars will feature a rhythm game during the idol group’s live performances. The player, acting as the idols’ Producer, must tap buttons the moment they overlap with the closest line. The rhythm game score will determine the quality of the live performance.

The Producer will also be able to interact with the idols outside of live gameplay performances. You can chat with each idol group, and your choice of words will determine their reactions. The story will comprise of three segments:

  1. Main Story, taking place in the present time where the Producer and the idols grow up and bond together.
  2. Idol Episode, which lets you get to know each idol better.
  3. Episode Zero, telling the past stories of how the characters end up becoming idols.

The Idolmaster SideM: Growing Stars will also feature the debut of a new group in 315 Production. C.First will comprise three male idols who used to be student council presidents in their respective schools. The members are as follows:

  1. Shu Amamine (voiced by Yuuri Ise)
  2. Momohito Hanazono (voiced by Masaya Miyazaki)
  3. Eishin Mayumi (voiced by Takeo Otsuka)

Bandai Namco has published the first trailer for The Idolmaster SideM: Growing Stars separately from the stream, which is available to watch right below:

The Idolmaster SideM: Growing Stars will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices in Japan. Bandai Namco has yet to specify a launch window for this mobile game. However, it plans to hold another live stream to mark The Idolmaster SideM series’ seventh anniversary on July 17, 2021.

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