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The Last of Us Voice Actor Troy Baker Promotes NFT Outfit

Troy Baker is promoting a new NFT company. The voice actor, who starred in The Last of Us, Persona 4, and hundreds of other roles across video games, animation, and film, joined hands with VoiceverseNFT. It is a company claiming to provide “the world’s first VoiceNFTs.” Baker announced the partnership via a tweet from his personal account.

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In the event Troy Baker deletes it, here is a screenshot of the tweet.
The Last of Us Voice Actor Troy Baker Promotes NFT Outfit

What exactly a VoiceNFT is and how Troy Baker is involved beyond promotion of the NFT, is unclear. According to the company’s website, a VoiceNFT is a “2nd generation” NFT that is “built with AI.” It provides buyers with “ownership to a unique voice in the metaverse.” VoiceverseNFT claims that these VoiceNFTs can be used with “in-game chats, zoom calls, podcasts, ads, YouTube and Tiktok, and create whatever content [you] desire.” It promised that buyers will retain ownership of the IP generated with a VoiceNFT. How this content will be generated is not detailed, though the site’s roadmap promises that users will be able to access Voiceverse Lab, a “web-based [Text-to-Speech] tool” to create content.

The first stage of Voiceverse’s roadmap mainly involves selling off 8,888 “Origins” NFT profile pictures, with “unique AI-generated voice models.” Eventual services planned include the ability to mint one’s own voice as an NFT, an “emotion shot” that allows the VoiceNFT to express emotions, and real-time conversion of your voice into your VoiceNFT, “automagically.” The tech will allegedly be partnered with “all of your favorite crypto games and communities.” A Twitter thread from VoiceverseNFT claimed that VoiceNFTs will be able to create custom voice acting for any purpose desired by the owner, without “additional legal work.” It also promised royalties to the voice actors that partner with them to build their AI models. The company claimed that it will move its VoiceNFTs off their current home to a more “environmentally friendly” blockchain that uses Proof-of-Stake technology to reduce the medium’s much-criticized energy use. When this will happen was not detailed.

Also joining VoiceverseNFT are voice actress CharletChung (who voices D.Va in Overwatch), and Twitch streamer Andy Milonakis, who are being promoted alongside Troy Baker to push the new NFT outfit. Game companies like are also looking into NFT and cryptocurrency tech, with Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Konami already selling them.

As of 11am ET on January 14, 2022, Troy Baker shared a Twitter thread that elaborates on his NFT thoughts and stance.

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