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The Legend of Dark Witch 1 Gets A Nintendo Switch Remake That Drops Tomorrow


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Today, The Legend of Dark Witch series creator Inside System revealed that The Legend of Dark Witch is releasing on Nintendo Switch as a full HD remake. The game is currently available in Japan, and releasing at midnight of October 24, 2019 (ie. tomorrow).


The game’s UI has been polished up, and the sprites have also been redrawn (don’t worry, you can change them back to sprites). Standing portraits have all been changed, and apart from the main game, new minigames ‘Avoid Runner’ and ‘Breaker’ have been added as well. All the 4koma manga and animations created for the series is also included.

There is also a Boss Arrange mode that changes up boss attack patterns, and the Capacity system from The Legend of Dark Witch 2 is now implemented.


Check out the trailer below:


The Legend of Dark Witch for Nintendo Switch releases on Switch on October 24, 2019. It will cost $6.99.

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