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The Legend of Dragoon PS4 and PS5 Trophies Revealed and Include a Platinum

The Legend of Dragoon PS4 and PS5 Trophies Revealed, include a platinum

The Legend of Dragoon now has PS4 and PS5 trophies. Now that the game is available via PlayStation Plus Premium and to buy on the PlayStation Store, that is among the new updates to the game. There are 47 total, and one of them is a Platinum. [Thanks, Exophase!]

Editor’s Note: The Legend of Dragoon PS4 and PS5 trophies list includes spoilers.

Here is the full list of trophies available for the game.

  • Bronze: Acceptance and Forgiveness – Defeat Death Rose.
  • Bronze: Archangel, Archangel, Won’t You Be Mine? – Defeat Archangel.
  • Bronze: The Buddy System of Enemies – Defeat Mappi and Gehrich.
  • Bronze: Cage Up Claire – Defeat Claire.
  • Bronze: Cosmic Dust – Collect 1 Stardust.
  • Bronze: Dragon’s Nest – Defeat Greham and Feyrbrand.
  • Bronze: Echoes of the Past – Defeat Virage.
  • Bronze: Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Befriend Rose.
  • Bronze: Extinguish the Spirit of Regole – Defeat Dragon Spirit 2.
  • Bronze: Extinguish the Spirit of the Divine Dragon – Defeat Dragon Spirit 3.
  • Bronze: Family Troubles – Fight the Emperor Doel and Dragoon Doel.
  • Bronze: I Can Do This with My Eyes Closed – Defeat Dark Doel.
  • Bronze: Have a Blast at the Carnival – Play some carnival games.
  • Bronze: He Probably Wasn’t the Last One Ever – Defeat the Last Kraken.
  • Bronze: Hot Wing – Defeat Fire Bird.
  • Bronze: Jiango Unleashed – Defeat Jiango.
  • Bronze: The Knight of Basil – Befriend Lavitz.
  • Bronze: Master of Thunder – Befriend Haschel.
  • Bronze: Might of Gigantos – Befriend Kongol.
  • Bronze: Nice to Be Back on Land Again – Defeat Lenus.
  • Bronze: Not on My Watch – Defeat the invading Sandoran Commander in Seles.
  • Bronze: Once a Thief, Always a Thief – Defeat Mappi.
  • Bronze: Phantom Connection – Defeat a Virage in Valley of Corrupted Gravity.
  • Bronze: Poisonous Serpent – Defeat Urobolus.
  • Bronze: Prison Break – Reunite with Shana.
  • Bronze: Quick Thinking – Sneak into Hellena Prison.
  • Bronze: Rags to Riches – Hold 7,000G.
  • Bronze: The Sacred Sister – Befriend Miranda.
  • Bronze: Silver-Haired Swordsman – Defeat Lloyd.
  • Bronze: The Tepid Threesome – Defeat Fruegel, Guftas, and Rodriguez.
  • Bronze: They Were Quite the “Motley Crew” – Defeat Kubila, Selebus, and Vector.
  • Bronze: An Unlikely Pair – Defeat Drake the Bandit and Shirley.
  • Bronze: Vanquish Indora… Indoors? – Defeat Indora.
  • Bronze: What We Do for Love – Defeat Lenus and Regole.
  • Bronze: A Wink and a Smile… And a Hammer – Befriend Meru.
  • Bronze: Where’d He Go? – Defeat the Windigo.
  • Bronze: Who Watches the Warden? – Defeat Fruegel.
  • Bronze: You Look Like You’ve Just Seen a Ghost – Defeat Ghost Commander and his 4 knights.
  • Silver: Extinguish the Spirit of Feyrbrand – Defeat Dragon Spirit.
  • Silver: Not So Immortal after All – Defeat the final boss.
  • Silver: Wish upon a Star – Collect 30 Stardust.
  • Gold: Serdian War – Complete Chapter 1.
  • Gold: Platinum Shadow – Complete Chapter 2.
  • Gold: Fate and Soul – Complete Chapter 3.
  • Gold: Moon and Fate – Complete Chapter 4.
  • Platinum: Pure Legend – Unlock all trophies in The Legend of Dragoon.

As usual, you need to earn all other trophies in The Legend of Dragoon before getting its Platinum one.

The Legend of Dragoon is available for the PS4 and PS5, and it originally appeared on the PlayStation.

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