The Link Between Tokimeki Memorial 4 On PSP And Mobile Phones



The latest installation in the popular dating-sim, Tokimeki Memorial 4, was just released in Japan for the PSP on Thursday. The cast in this game includes returning characters, as well as many new ones.


Tokimeki Memorial 4 is also available on cell phones through I-mode, a popular wireless internet service in Japan. While this game takes place in the same world and includes the same characters as the PSP game, it has a different story and will provide a different experience. It focuses on the protagonist meeting his childhood friend, whom he hasn’t seen in three years and takes place the month before graduation.


Also, if you finish Tokimeki Memorial 4 on the PSP, you’ll get a secret password that can get you “something” in the mobile version. No information has been disclosed as to what this “something” is.


This time, Konami is including downloadable content for the PSP version as well. These items don’t actually affect gameplay, but fans will happy to know that, through the PSN, they can download the opening movie, character BGM, the different versions of the ending song. On the day of release, the opening movie – sung by Japanese VA Oogame Asuka, the “Sweet Ending” ending song (also sung by her), and the “Bitter Ending” ending song (sung by Sakaguchi Daisuke and Nakamura Keiichi), were made available. The opening is free, while there will be a charge on the two endings.