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The Medabots Series Twitter Is Gauging Nintendo Switch Ownership


medabots s 1

While the latest Medabots game, Medabots S, is still in development for smartphones, recently the official Twitter for the series tweeted out a poll asking about how many people own Nintendo Switches.


The question asks which Nintendo Switch you own, if you do at all. The answers are:

1. I own a Nintendo Switch

2. I own a Switch Lite

3. I don’t own either, but am planning on getting one

4. I don’t own either, and am not planning to get it


You can find the poll below (currently with 21 hours remaining):


It is unstated whether this poll will be used for reference for Medabots S, or another game.


Medabots S releases for iOS and Android in Japan in Fall 2019/Winter 2019.

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