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The Most Memorable Monster Hunter Monsters

monster hunter monsters tiger

Monster Hunter Rise is out! We here at Siliconera are marking the occasion by talking about the most fearsome, fantastic foes in the storied series.

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It has to be the Tigrex. It isn’t for its interesting wyvern/tyrannosaurus rex hybrid design though. By now, it isn’t the most fantastical looking monster out there. It’s because of how frustrating it is to fight. I always know a challenge is around the corner when I see the Tigrex introduced into a new Monster Hunter game. And while I’m simultaneously dreading and looking forward to seeing the Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s always good to see this familiar face make a return. — Kazuma

tobi kadachi

I got into Monster Hunter World in a big way. Which meant I spent part of my time creating armor so I could be fashionable. Because that is definitely one of the series’ perks. Tobi-Kadachi’s armor is the first set I really liked. (The hat is good!) So, I spent a lot of time hunting it. While it isn’t exactly fearsome, it’s a fantastic and fun fight. — Jenni

monster hunter monsters shen gaoren

While Shen Gaoren hasn’t been in a Monster Hunter game for close to 5 years, it still remains my favorite monster in the series. The concept of a giant hermit crab living in the skull of an elder dragon was unique, and the fighting style was completely different to any other monster I’d fought at the time. The design is also just as off-putting as it is terrifying, and just as difficult to fight. And with the inclusion of a new arachnoid monster in Rise, I’m excited to see some new creative designs from Capcom. — Andrew

monster hunter monsters barioth

Since my first play of Monster Hunter 3, I have always found myself infatuated with Barioth. I just can’t stop being amazed looking at the white wyvern flying around and landing with a lunging strike. And being an avid Lance user myself, I also find Barioth as the best partner to practice my guard counters. It feels very satisfying to cripple its strength by cutting its tail and breaking its body parts before I go for the capture. Since Barioth also appears in Rise, I cannot wait to re-hone my skills against it. — Kite

kulu ya ku

I’m all in for Monster Hunter World‘s Nerd Bird, the Kulu-Ya-Ku! I relate to it because I too have a goofy face, a timid demeanor and a criminal love of eggs. — Josh

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise is out now. What are the Monster Hunter monsters you remember most vividly? Let us know in the comments! And read our other handy roundtable features for more tips from the Siliconera team.

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