The Pokemon Day Pokemon Vote Has Begun

pokemon day pokemon vote

Another part of the Pokemon Day celebrations has begun. The Pokemon Vote has kicked off. This is a part of the endeavor that allows people to honor the characters they love the most. By visiting Google when logged into a Google account and searching for “Pokemon vote,” you can start casting your ballots.

Here’s how it works. Once you search for Pokemon Vote while on Google, the first result is a poll. It lets you sort through Pokemon by region, with Alola, Galar, Hoenn, Johto, Kalos, Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova/Unys/Unima/Einall/Teselia as options. Choosing a region then brings up a list of Pokemon with their names and pictures.

People are able to cast multiple Pokemon Day Pokemon Votes. Things kicked off today and run until February 14, 2020. During that period, you are allowed to vote once per day.

In addition, a new Pokemon Day Pokemon Vote video has been released. It goes through the releases by year, with each one offering a look at the new Pokemon that joined the Pokedex. It leaves off with 2020 and says people should celebrate with their favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon Day is held every February 27, 2020 in Japan. In addition to the vote, a new legendary Pokemon from Pokemon the Movie: Coco and a new Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid will appear.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch.

Jenni Lada
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