The proper Ghostbusters game


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The lack of good taste and memory is sometimes astonishing. Shocking even. I mean, really, how can people get all excited about a video of what seemed like a generic Ghostbuster-ish 3D shooter and forget all about the classic 1984 Activision Ghostbusters action-game? Tsk, tsk… Thankfully though I have come up with a remedy: repeatedly playing the emulated C64 version of Ghostbusters and memorizing the game’s MobyGames entry should: a) enlighten you b) bring back fond gaming memories c) help you appreciate Dali. Then again, on the visual arts side of things, you might also notice that aging 8-bit visuals are not exactly brilliant. Better grab the excellent Ghostbusters retro-remake then. It’s free, it’s faithful to Activision’s opus, it looks good, it plays better than the original and it’s available right here.