The Quiet Man Is Around 60% Live Action Footage And 40% 3D CG

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The Quiet Man producer Kensei Fujinaga sat down for an interview with Bahamut during Gamescom this year, where they revealed how much of the game is live action footage, among other details.


Here are the highlights below:

  • Fujinaga stressed that The Quiet Man is a piece of digital-only software, and that the game has been developed with this fact in mind. The experience of playing The Quiet Man feels like watching a Western film, and he also says that The Quiet Man is more of an interactive movie rather than a game.


  • Fujinaga mentions that he was partially inspired by the proliferation of successful streaming services, where various types of entertainment are basically available for viewing through the internet at any time, to create a focused, one-off game with a small development team.


  • The game is around 60% live action footage, and 40% 3DCG gameplay sections. One of the reasons for doing this was to add a unique element to the game, and another reason was that they wouldn’t be able to express everything in just 3DCG, especially for a darker game like this.


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  • Why is the game titled The Quiet Man? It’s because the player plays as a protagonist who is deaf, but in return has especially good eyesight and focus. However, because he can only focus on one person at a time, and can’t hear the positions of other enemies, his style of fighting is centered around dealing with enemies one by one instead of in a group.


  • Yakuza series live action producer Shuichiro Hamada is working on The Quiet Man, and the game has over 40 different moves to perform, despite gameplay only being around 40% of the overall playtime.


  • When asked whether the game will have any plot hooks for a sequel like American TV dramas, Fujinaga stressed that this game is a one-off, and will tell the whole story in one go. In fact, the story itself only spans around three hours in-universe.


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  • Fujinaga explains that the game is by no means an AAA production, and has a smaller development team as well. Square Enix is a large company, and this makes it harder to take risks. He also understands that players really enjoy big-budget heavy experiences. However, he looked up to the creative spirit found in various indie games, and thought that making a game like this wouldn’t be bad. So he decided to gather up a small amount of staff, and make this game with a limited budget.


  • Fujinaga feels indie games have their own feel, such as how pixel art is quite popular. However, Square Enix also had its own advantages, and as such they wanted to try something unique with a 3DCG and live action mix. The game is meant to have “the price of an indie game, but the experience of a triple-A title”, and he wants to explore the possibilities of this method of business.


  • The game will be released globally, and as such will support various subtitles, like Chinese.


The Quiet Man is “coming soon” for the PlayStation 4 and PC. It will be $14.99 at launch. Previously, we reported two new trailers released by Square Enix for the game, which you can find here.

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