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The Sakura Wars Original Soundtrack Will Be Available To Purchase This June

Sakura Wars Original Soundtrack

The Sakura Wars original soundtrack will be available to purchase June 24, 2020. People can choose to grab the soundtrack digitally or physically. Naturally, the digital soundtrack will cost a bit less than the physical alternative, coming in at ¥3,600 (or roughly $32). The physical version of the original soundtrack will be ¥4,500 (or roughly $40) and include three discs. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

For those of you interested in buying the digital version of the soundtrack, you’ll be able to purchase it from iTunes, Amazon, and the Amazon digital music store. Additionally, the soundtrack will be available to stream through services like Spotify as well. And for fans that only want a select few tracks added to their libraries, individual song purchases will cost ¥250 or $2.

The physical edition, as mentioned above, consists of three discs. Publishing will be handled by Wave Master Entertainment. Other information regarding the physical version of the Sakura Wars original soundtrack has not yet been disclosed.

Unfamiliar with the Sakura Wars series? We have a primer to fill you in on everything you’ll need to know. And if you’re a die-hard of the series, you can check out what we have to say about the romances in the latest entry of the series here.

Sakura Wars is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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