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The Star Wars Manga Is a Great Compliment to the Series

Creativity has always been a staple of the Star Wars Brand, and the new line of manga adaptations is a shining example of just that. Viz Media released manga adaptations of existing Star Wars series like The Mandalorian and Star Wars: Rebels in English, as well as created original stories set in the Star Wars: High Republic canon. In every aspect, from the carefully crafted artwork to the new visual direction that these series provide, these Japanese mangaka elevate the original artistic vision inherited from the franchise. Using this new perspective on the Star Wars canon brings new life into this beloved legacy franchise.

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In the manga adaption of The Mandalorian, the comic retells the introduction of the legendary bounty hunter “Mando ” with gorgeous art and direction provided by the author, Yuusuke Oosawa. The mangaka’s strong sense of physicality and exquisite linework only improve upon this already iconic entrance for our protagonist. Oosawa’s earlier contributions to the Star Wars: Visions anthology manga proved that not only can new works perform well in adaptation, but that Star Wars as a franchise endures no matter the medium.

Not only does this new art form allow for a different take on combat and dramatism, but it also helps to elevate tone and charm. A difficult thing to convey in acting with costume effects and makeup are expressions, a limitation that manga is free from as an artistic medium. This is best shown in the dramatic expressions Mando’s bounty makes while being held captive, or the way shading on Mando’s helmet convey different expressions or levels of intensity. 

Star Wars does just work well as a manga adaptation however, but as an exploration of new stories as well. Much in the same way that Visions brought a new creative and visual style to format, its companion manga as well as the original stories focusing on Star Wars: High Republic canon bring new life to this storied galaxy, not unlike the way Jon Favreau  managed to achieve with The Mandalorian.

Innovation and inspiration have always been essential to this franchise’s success, it is inevitable that when given to the culture that originally inspired the concept, these stories would become that much more unique. I believe this artform blazes new trails for this 57 year old Series. 

As always this time of year, may the fourth be with you.

The English releases of various Star Wars manga are available now via Viz Media.

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