The Super Hexagon And VVVVVV Creator’s Dicey Dungeons Has Players Challenging Lady Luck


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Terry Cavanagh, the creator of indie classics Super Hexagon and VVVVVV, has released his newest game. Dicey Dungeons is now available on PCs. This is a roguelike RPG where people play as different dice, build decks, survive a dungeon, and attempt to defeat Lady Luck. It costs $14.99, though a 10% launch discount is in effect until August 20, 2019.


In Dicey Dungeon, players choose which die they will be. The classes are Inventor, Jester, Robot, Thief, Warrior, and Witch, with each having its own ability. The Inventor, for example, destroy equipment after each fight to get parts for new gadgets. Since both players and characters you will encounter use dice to perform actions, you might have to hope RNG is in your favor.


Here is a Dicey Dungeons trailer showing how people can use dice and their decks to get through the game.


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Dicey Dungeons is available for PCs on Itch.io and Steam.

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