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The Super Mario Bros 35 Game Begins Rolling out on eShops

super mario 35 game

Now that it’s October 1, 2020 in Japan, the Super Mario Bros 35 game has gone live in the Japanese eShop. Nintendo previously confirmed the game’s release date, so the title should release very soon in other regions’ eShops as well. Nintendo uploaded a web commercial to its official YouTube, which we’ve included below.

First announced in the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct, Super Mario Bros 35 is a battle royale with 35 participants. Players will try to complete courses from the first Super Mario Bros while collecting items and coins to use to their advantage. The game will only be available to play for a limited time, however. According to Nintendo, the title will only be distributed on the eShop until March 31, 2021. Given the recent decision to keep games like Jump Rope Challenge on the eShop, we’ll have to wait and see if Nintendo changes its mind about that expiration date

Nintendo is also hosting several online and physical events in Tokyo starting in October 2020. There will be a stamp collecting activity and physical art exhibit installations. We’ve translated all the details here. Further, there are plenty of activities on Nintendo’s official website for Mario fans to enjoy.

The Super Mario Bros 35 game is free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and will be available to play until March 31, 2021.

Oni Dino
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