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The Witch and the Hundred Knights Gets A Casual Mode For Wimps


003 (3) Just five days after it was released in Japan, Nippon Ichi Software has released a patch for their newest game, The Witch and the Hundred Knights.


The patch adds a Casual Mode in which enemies have lower stats and the player receives less damage.


If you’re a sissy and the Normal Mode is too tough for you, you can switch to Casual Mode by talking to Kakarima the street lamp.


002 (3)

The Witch and the Hundred Knights was released on July 25 in Japan and is NIS’s most ambitious action-RPG yet, in which you equip five items at once and use a variety of techniques such as slowing down time and summoning soldiers. You can see a video of the massively in-depth game here.


NIS America announced an English release for the game before it was delayed for almost a year, but they have not given a date yet.