Part of The World Ends With You Anime’s First Episode Will Air on September 18

The World Ends With You Anime First Episode

The first episode of the upcoming The World Ends With You anime will be receiving a special broadcast in Japan. This broadcast is part of a commemorative campaign that will start after the broadcast has aired. However, it should be mentioned that this showing will not contain the entire first episode, but only a part of it. This special The World Ends With You episode segment will appear on September 18, 2020.

As mentioned above, a special event will also happen once the first part of the episode has been broadcast. The 7 Days campaign will be held through the official The World Ends With You Twitter account. No further information has been disclosed about this affair, however updates will be posted on September 18, 2020 through the official Twitter account and website.

Additionally, this broadcast will be for Japanese audiences only. No date has been mentioned for a possible a Western or English release for the first episode of The World Ends With You anime in this specific blog post. (If you attempt to change the language on the site to English, it will even note this news isn’t availale in English.

Funimation will be handling the Western release of The World Ends With You anime. Fans can expect to start streaming it through the company’s streaming services.

The World Ends with You game is available on the Nintendo DS and mobile devices. The World Ends with You: Final Mix is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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