Funimation Will Stream The World Ends With You Anime

twewy anime twewy funimation

Now that it has been officially unveiled, information about The World Ends with You: The Animation keeps on trickling out. More details about the show and how people can watch it have been appearing. Most notably, TWEWY Funimation streaming has been confirmed.

Funimation announced it will air the TWEWY anime on its blog on July 4, 2020. It confirmed people will be able to rely on its site and outlet to keep up with Neku’s adventures and participate in the Reaper’s game.

There’s also another TWEWY anime tidbit to appreciate, though people might have caught it on their own after watching the preview trailer. While the anime will retell the events of the game, a few background elements have been changed to ensure it keeps up with modern times. This means Neku, Shiki, and all of the other characters now have modern smartphones instead of the flip-phones they used in the original game.

You can even see Neku’s smartphone at the 10-second mark in the teaser.

The World Ends with You game is available on the Nintendo DS and mobile devices. The World Ends with You: Final Mix is available for the Nintendo Switch. The anime will appear in 2021, and people will be able to catch TWEWY Funimation streams then.

Jenni Lada
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