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The World Ends With You Final Remix A New Day Scenario Creates More Questions Than Answers



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For years, The World Ends with You has left people with unanswered questions. The original game has us wondering who Neku’s lost friend was. The World Ends with You: Solo Remix introduced Coco as a vendor for the in-app store and shot of a nameless young woman. Now, The World Ends with You: Final Remix is here and, for the most part, it remains the same. The A New Day scenario is, well, what’s new. While it does offer another adventure for Neku, Beat, and the familiar faces after the end, it also provides us with more questions than answers.


Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for unlocking A New Day, The World Ends with You: Final Remix’s new scenario, and finding Secret Addendum reports below.


First, let’s go over how to unlock The World Ends with You: Final Remix’s A New Day. There are new reapers in the world that appear on the seventh day of each week. Reapers with purple hoodies and challenging fights will test Neku, and you need to beat each one to unlock this post-game story. On Shiki’s seventh day, you will find this special Reaper near Hachiko. His fight inflicts the energy-draining Curse on Neku. On Joshua’s seventh day, stop by Shibukyu Main Store to find the next Reaper. The fight he assigns has the energy-draining Curse combined with the energy-refilling Restore. On Beat’s seventh day, go to Udagawa Back Streets to find the final special Reaper, which also has the Curse and Restore modifiers applied to Neku when he fights.


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Finding those Reapers and proving yourself unlocks A New Day, which is around a two-hour scenario. Neku and Beat find themselves left behind after the game, with Neku hearing the thoughts of and getting visions from some unknown character. But they’re not alone. After getting a notification that they are playing in Reaper’s Game: Expert Mode, Neku and Beat have to escape Shibuya in 24 hours. If they fail, they will be erased. Coco appears, asks if they remember her and all she did for them, and says she had no idea that the game was going to start again. She worms her way into their group, claiming that she is alone, clueless, and defenseless. Except, Shibuya doesn’t work the way it should. Places where they are supposed to go aren’t where they should be.


But as Neku and Beat explore, Shibuya is nothing like the one they remember, for a very important reason. Also, aside from Coco, some of the people they meet don’t seem right either. But Coco seems to insist things are fine and right. Which leads to people more questions about what is going on, who to trust, why these new threats are appearing, and how visions keep popping into Neku’s head. While The World Ends with You: Final Remix does answer a number of these things, specifically regarding characters and locations, but plenty of things are unknowns. Coco’s identity, her goal, and the cause of Neku’s connection are all big deals here.  Like the other versions of The World Ends with You, these are left as massive cliffhangers. There is more definition here, but not enough to make a big impression and difference.


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The World Ends with You: Final Remix A New Day’s Secret Addendum reports do help a little. You can acquire secret reports in these three days sections by first getting the Another Day report, then visiting Shibukyu Main Store to fight the boss symbols, the Center St. Entrance to fight its boss, then finally the Scramble Crossing boss. Fight these specific Noise enemies in those areas on the hard difficulty, and you unlock more information. Secret Addendum C is the most enlightening of them, offering the most details on connections and best summary of what happens in A New Day, but all three do help clear things up.


For now, we are left with even more teasers and cliffhangers than ever before. The World Ends with You: Final Remix is building up to something yet again. At least its teases are more substantial than the one in Solo Remix. What we learn here does offer a little more insight into Neku’s capabilities and different connections between characters. But, it all also will leave people with questions. The only hope is that there will be answers eventually.


The World Ends with You: Final Remix is available for the Nintendo Switch. The World Ends with You is also available on the Nintendo DS and both Android and Apple iOS devices.

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