There Are Two Sets Of DLC Currently Planned For Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

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In an interview at PAX West 2018, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Director Goichi Suda talked about the game’s delay from a 2018 release to a 2019 release, if the game will get DLC, if he has the next No More Heroes game planned, and more. (Thanks, GameXplain!)


Here are the highlights:

  • While Suda feels that it’s really good to be able to announce the release date, and he apologized for delaying the game from 2018 to 2019. He joked that the reason the game was delayed was so that Travis Strikes Again wouldn’t cannibalize Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s sales. So to give Smash Bros. a break, the game was pushed back to January.


  • As for where the series will go next, Suda does have some ideas in his head, but currently the development team are in the debugging and adjustments phase, so it’s still kind of hard to think about what’s next.


  • There are two sets of DLC planned for Travis Strikes Again. More details will be announced later.


  • Travis Strikes Again was presented as part of the Nindies Arcade at PAX West, and that’s how the game’s been accepted by Nintendo. Suda wanted to be around all the young indie creators ,and was inspired by all the young indie developers. As such, the want to collaborate with various indies has been present from the game’s inception.


  • Suda would love to bring his previous games to Nintendo Switch, but regarding Killer7, that game in particular is coming to Steam, and he hopes fans will enjoy the game there.


  • There’s still a lot more to announce for Travis Strikes Again, including their collaboration with Devolver Digital, 18 other indie T-shirts, and more. He says to remember that after Smash Bros. comes Travis Strikes Again.


Check out the full video below:


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 18, 2019 in North America and Europe.

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