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There Will Be 9 Nexomon Extinction Starters

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With Pokemon-like games, it can sometimes seem like they all tend to follow the rules of the Game Freak classic, even though they are trying to do their own thing. While this is also true for the Nexomon series, the latest entry is going to do things a little differently. For example, PQube has revealed the nine Nexomon Extinction starters. Yes, instead of picking from three different characters, people will have nine new best buddies to start a journey with in the game.

Official art and some initial details for all nine of the Nexomon Extinction starters. As you might expect, each one is a different element. Also, it seems like there are an overwhelming number of characters with designs based on different sorts of cats.

Here’s the list of Nexomon Extinction starters:

  • Behilda: This is a ghost Nexomon that can remove its own head for fun.
  • Dinja: The normal-type character has a dog-like appearance.
  • Gekoko: As the name suggests, this electric-type looks a bit like a gecko.
  • Lume: Here we have a lion-like fire-type.
  • Mara: This is your plant-type Nexomon.
  • Masquiti: Another cat-like character, this one is a psychic Nexomon.
  • Mearn: This cat-like Nexomon is a wind elemental critter.
  • Noki: A bird-like water Nexomon.
  • Trebly: These look like little T-Rexes and are mineral-type characters.

And here’s the full gallery of characters:

Nexomon Extinction is on the horizon. It will make its Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC debut in Summer 2020. You can find the original Nexomon on Apple iOS devices and PCs.

Jenni Lada
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