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Think You’re Good At Super Monkey Ball? Super Impossible Road Might Change Your Mind



Super Impossible Road is a futuristic racer that’ll probably cause you to doubt if you ever had any skill at Super Monkey Ball.


It’s an evolution of the original Impossible Road that was released a couple of years ago on smartphone, turning it into a four-player competitive racer, and it’ll be coming to PlayStation 4. The idea is to race a metallic ball to the end of a narrow procedurally generated track that spirals down towards what looks like an abyss.



The best way to get ahead of your opponents is to jump off the track and land on a lower part of it. However, if you fall for too long (about five seconds) without touching back down on the track you’ll be reset, so it’s a risky shortcut to take, but probably an essential one. Anyone who’s played WipEout and tried to get ahead by jumping down parts of the track will be familiar with this tactic.


You’ll be able to compete locally using the game’s split screen mode, or against the AI. Online features are still being worked out. There will, at least, be a single player career mode that’ll test you across races and challenges.

Chris Priestman