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Third Wave of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Videos Released

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Bow

Capcom published more weapon videos for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on the game franchise’s YouTube channel. The Bow and Gunlance are some of the weapons that have received a new video in the third wave.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak‘s Gunlance will have Bullet Barrage as an alternative Silkbind Attack for Ground Splitter. The Hunter will shoot backward to propel themselves forward and then launch another powerful shot towards the target. The Switch Skill Swap feature will also let the user choose between Wyrmstake Cannon and the new Erupting Cannon.

Charge Blade will have Ready Stance as an alternative to Counter Peak Performance that lets the user parry a monster’s attack. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will also add a new Firing Pin version of the Phial Follow-up and a Spinning version of the Condensed Attack.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow users will have a new Butcher’s Bind attack. It will make the next arrow that hits the same spot deal severing damage. The Hunter can also instantly switch to Aerial Aim, which shares the same button input. It will also add Stake Thrust as an alternative to the Melee Attack.

Capcom also published the Hunting Horn video one day earlier. The weapon will have a new Silkbind Shockwave that adds more hits to the next few attacks. The Switch Skill Swap feature will also let the Hunter choose Swing Combo as an alternative to Crush Attack Combo.

The first two waves showcased weapons like the Switch Axe and Great Sword. Out of the fourteen weapon types available in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, only the Lance, Dual Blades, Long Sword, and Light Bowgun have yet to receive their own videos as of this writing.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will launch for Nintendo Switch and PC simultaneously worldwide on June 30, 2022.

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