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This Week In Imports: Kadokawa Gives Metal Max Xeno Reborn a Second Chance

Metal Max Xeno Reborn

Time for the latest import update. This week, Kadokawa Games is giving Metal Max Xeno a second chance with Metal Max Xeno Reborn. It is a ground-up remake of the PlayStation 4 title that explores new possibilities for the series. Rather than a turn-based battle system, the game uses a more action-oriented combat system that emphasizes the importance of the tanks even further. Another change is a shift to a more open-world style of exploration, rather than the point A-to-B method in the original game. (It was more like a traditional JRPG.) The story, while present, is de-emphasized, and the developers have even joked that you can completely ignore the heroine if you want this time around.

Apart from Metal Max Xeno Reborn, there is also Tomoyo After. It is a port of the CLANNAD spin-off that is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game is based on the all-ages version of the title and will also support English text at launch, making for a good digital purchase option from the Japanese eShop.

The following are this week’s Japanese imports.

Nintendo Switch

Metal Max Xeno Reborn (+ eShop version)

  • Limited Edition

Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ CS Edition (+ eShop version)


eShop Only (Switch)

Hime Hibi 1-Gakki -Princess Days-

G-Mode Archives 15: Churashima


PlayStation 4

Metal Max Xeno Reborn (+ PS Store version)

  • Limited Edition
  • Digital Limited Edition (digital only)


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