When our “This Week In Imports” column for the week of April 5th – 11th went up, I wondered why it was subtitled “Atelier Judie Or Bust.” It wasn’t like Spencer to be extremist. Once read the post, I realized it was because Atelier Judie was virtually the only notable “new” release in Japan for the week.


Unfortunately, it debuted outside of the top-ten at the #12 position on the weekly Media Create software sales ranking, with 9,000 units sold. The top-ten itself is mostly a re-shuffling of last week’s sales report.


LwTwTitleTw. SalesTot. SalesSys.Publisher
05.01.New Super Mario Bros. Wii37,2443,654,631WiiNintendo
02.02.Fist of the North Star: Musou34,262491,186PS3Koei
04.03.Pro Baseball Spirits 201031,12781,853PSPKonami
03.04.Pro Baseball Spirits 201030,62487,760PS3Konami
06.05.Tomodachi Collection22,5633,090,041DSNintendo
08.06.Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light20,359380,537DSNintendo
01.07.Etrian Odyssey III19,257107,022DSAtlus
07.08.Yakuza 417,788518,883PS3Sega
1109.Wii Fit Plus15,3801,818,000WiiNintendo
14.10.Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (The Best)11,240246,000PSPCapcom


On a slightly bright note, the lack of new releases gave games like Yakuza 4 and Fist of the North Star: Musou another week to shine in the top-ten rankings. It’s also interesting that the PSP version of Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 rose higher up on the chart, while the PS3 version went down.


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