Period: The week of January 2nd – January 8th (2012)

Top-seller: Mario Kart 7 – 157,188

Nintendo 3DS sales: 240,819 | Total sales: 4,522,961

PlayStation Vita sales: 42,915 | Total sales: 482,901


“Otoshidama” is a Japanese New Year tradition where children receive money from relatives after the new year begins. Last week’s software sales benefitted from this tradition, illustrated by sales of several popular games receiving a boost.


Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter 3G ruled the top 3 spots for the week, with Inazuma Eleven Go coming in at #4 and Warriors Orochi 2 at #5. No new games were released during the week.


There were two Monster Hunter titles on the chart last week: Monster Hunter 3G, which has crossed the 1 million mark, and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP the Best), the budget re-release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Given that Portable 3rd is close to 5 million sold by this point (and still selling), there’s going to be a very large potential consumer base in place for Monster Hunter 4 in the long term by the time that game is released.


Continued strong sales of Portable 3rd and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, along with Nintendo DS games such as One Piece: Gigant Battle 2 and Magician’s Quest: The Stylish Wizard, show that there’s still a fairly lucrative market on cheaper, older platforms like the DS and PSP, provided you have a game with wide enough appeal. In fact, the PSP outsold the PlayStation Vita once again this week, with 71,000 devices sold.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSys.Publisher
01.01.Mario Kart 7157,1881,317,3573DSNintendo
04.02.Super Mario 3D Land119,0931,199,2853DSNintendo
02.03.Monster Hunter 3G98,3551,083,8533DSCapcom
06.04.Inazuma Eleven Go: Shine/Dark56,134325,3583DSLevel 5
03.05.Warriors Orochi 242,464316,516PS3Tecmo Koei
07.06.Just Dance Wii37,266490,677WiiNintendo
05.07.Final Fantasy XIII-235,325739,561PS3Square Enix
09.08.Wii Party33,1742,256,803WiiNintendo
08.09.Kirby’s Return to Dreamland33,040570,168WiiNintendo
11.10.Wii Sports Resort30,783
13.11.Go Vacation26,852208,017WiiNamco Bandai
12.12.Mario Kart Wii26,3463,474,659WiiNintendo
23.13.Nintendogs + cats24,514467,9143DSNintendo
15.14.Inazuma Eleven Strikers Xtreme 201223,521127,410WiiNintendo
16.15.Taiko no Tatsujin: Definitive Edition23,422197,003WiiNamco Bandai
22.16.Magician’s Quest: The Stylish Wizard19,574165,962DSKonami
24.17.One Piece: Gigant Battle 2 New World18,789290,002DSNamco Bandai
26.18.Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP the Best)18,293154,438PSPCapcom
21.19.Rhythm Heaven15,903670,305WiiNintendo
17.20.Pro Evolution Soccer 201215,689173,093PSPKonami


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media-Create and


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