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My Time At Portia Makes Daily Post-Apocalyptic Life Look Pretty


An apocalyptic event may have left few humans behind, but has left a beautiful open world behind for players to explore, fight, and love within in action RPG My Time At Portia.


Players are given a workshop as their home base in My Time At Portia, returning to it with whatever supplies they find while exploring to build items, structures, and weapons to help themselves out. They’ll need materials that are scattered throughout the world, from wood in the fields to more complex items that are buried deep in dungeons, in order to build everything they want, encouraging players to roam to find what they need.

Monsters tend to make things difficult should the players wander too far from home. My Time At Portia features several different creatures in each land, and even more crawling through the game’s various ruins and dungeons. Luckily, the protagonist has an array of straightforward attacks to use to clobber anything that gets in the way of their gathering.


Fighting monsters and building things aren’t all these is to life in this world. Players can also meet surviving NPCs, all of whom have their own personalities and lifestyles. Players can get to know these people, help them through quests, or find romance with many of them, too.

My Time At Portia is set to release on Steam Early Access in October. A demo is available from the game’s site in the meantime.

Alistair Wong
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