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To All Mankind Walks Us Through Its Daily Life Flow For Exploring, Gathering, And Eating



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We previously got a look at To All Mankind’s DLC character Sukhaya Shuka who unlocks more story content. Nippon Ichi shared more on the game’s daily life flow that involves exploring, gathering, and eating.



In the mornings, Kyoka usually starts out by waking up in the hotel. She can wake up early, get together with the other members and go exploring the town and hotel together. Will there be anyone in town? Will you find some useful tools?



While exploring the city, you’ll find objects as expected from Akihabara such as figures, tech produced, and more from the culture-rich town of Akihabara that will come in handy in the survival life.



Since the town is a popular tourist spot, you’ll find all kinds of foreign currency. When you look at a coin’s material properties, you might find different ways to use it other than currency.



With it being a tech-town, you’ll find some of the latest appliances. Some of these could even be used as a valuable power source.



You might even find some enthusiast items. Find out more about these items at the doujin shop.



When you’re tired of exploring, you can use the materials gathered to make food for that day. By eating well-balanced meals with fish, meat, and vegetables, you can recover your health and also get other effects t hat will come in handy with the survival life such as better gathering and dexterity increase.



Here we have Kazumi saying “I’ll let you handle the fish” as she puts her efforts into the vegetables. The effects you get vary based on the types of dishes you cook.



You can find ingredients all over the place, like acorns found on the roadside that can make for a splendid ingredient.


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If the girls stay hungry, their efficiency can decline. Hunger is always a tough enemy to face when it comes to getting all the necessities of life for self-sufficient living. There are times where your exploration time doubles, but firs be sure to check your status to make sure there aren’t any poor conditions going on.



When all the girls’ status is fine, you’ll get to explore for a long time and find all kinds of tools and ingredients, which will increase your cooking recipe repertoire bits at a time. When it comes to survival, it’s important to have a fulfilling mind and body.




Kyoka ate more than her fair share of Isana’s cooking. Just because it’s delicious, you have to be careful not to overeat.




To All Mankind will release in Japan on June 27, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report for a look at its latest trailer.

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