Togashi Shares Progress on Hunter x Hunter Manga Chapter 401

hunter x hunter 401 manga chapter

Yoshihiro Togashi tweeted about his progress on chapter 401 of the Hunter x Hunter manga. Though we cannot see the name (essentially the draft) at all in the pictures, we can see that he has written about nineteen pages. He also shared a bit of information about his health.

A large part of Hunter x Hunter’s massive schedule slip and multiple hiatuses has to do with Togashi’s poor health. In previous interviews, he explained that his back and hip issues prevent him from sitting down for long. Considering that a lot of a mangaka’s work hours are conducted while sitting down, this is a problem. However, in his tweet, Togashi stated that while he does not yet have a fixed work schedule just yet, he has been able to spend more and more hours per day at the desk. He noted he is very happy about this.

In late 2022, the Hunter x Hunter manga temporarily returned, with several chapters furthering along the political intrigue aboard the Black Whale. Shortly after that, Volume 37 came out in November 2022. That news came four years after the release of Volume 36 in October 2018. However, Hunter x Hunter went on hiatus yet again in late December 2022. At the time of the announcement though, Togashi stated that it would be a short one. Judging by the progress on Chapter 401, he was right.

Hunter x Hunter is available in Weekly Shonen Jump, and Viz Media handles the manga outside Japan. You can also watch the 2011 version of the anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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