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Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Has A Unique Way For Players To Say “Looking For Love”



Famitsu magazine introduced us to a new PlayStation 3 and Vita title called Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. The game has a notable team including creators from Deadly Premonition and Tokyo Majin Gakuen, along with Nobuo Uematsu and The Key Project behind the music. Here’s a follow up report, starting with an overview of the game’s first chapter.


Chapter 1 The World of a Transfer Student


One ordinary day, a transfer student arrived at Kurenai Academy high school in Shinjuku. In the midst of getting a tour of the new school by class chairwoman Sayuri Mifune (pictured on the right), the transfer student spotted the figure of a female ghost wearing summer clothes.


The two ran into the closed corner of the school, where they encountered yet another ghost—this time it was that of a man wearing a red coat. The evil spirit began to attack the two, but a fellow classmate Masamune Shiga along with a mysterious girl protected them.


After the fight, the mysterious girl introduced herself to the transfer student as Chizuru Fukurai, the president of a company called the Evening Spatium Company, and explained that she was currently working on a request to exterminate evil spirits. Her partner Shiga, also happens to be a member who is currently working part-time for the Evening Spatium Company.


Fukurai then explained he has the special ability to sense spirits, and invited the transfer student to work at the Evening Spatium Company. He then accepts her offer.


After joining the company, the transfer student’s everyday life changed and he joined the fight against the evil spirits who’ve been shrouding Tokyo in darkness.



As previously reported, Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters will be split between battle and visual novel parts. In the visual novel parts, you live an everyday life. Players will be able to make decisions and the choices you make will determine what kind of ending you’ll get. In this mode, you will also be prepare for the battle parts.




The chart above indicates predictions of where ghosts will be appearing next, so you can set up traps. You have a limited amount of traps, so carefully deciding on where to place them will play a big role in taking out the ghosts.



Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters has a unique take on how to express yourself during conversations. While talking to others, you’ll be prompted to choose from emotions (love, sadness, anger, etc) or one of your five senses (see, feel, smell, etc.) to convey your feelings.


Your partner will have a different reaction depending on the input. There’s a total of 25 different combinations you can make using your senses and emotions, which range from “listening to friends” to “look for anger”. You can even “look for love” if you play your cards right.


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is slated for release next year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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