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Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Provides Motivation To Keep Playing




Tokyo Xanadu was a large game. It had a rather substantial storyline that took the characters through the school year as they attempted to protect the city from the Eclipse Gates. There were even two endings to earn and a new game plus to enjoy. But now that Tokyo Xanadu eX+ has arrived, it provides even more motivation to keep on going with the game and return even if it feels like you have accomplished everything.


First, let’s go over the endings available and how you get them. There are two possible you’ll encounter through the course of normal events. The normal ending is the one you will get first. After seeing it and saving, people who have eight stars or higher in Courage, Virtue, and Wisdom will be able to reload their save and head into an epilogue that will take you to July 24, 2015 and let you really wrap up the story. Once you beat that, you get to see the true ending, save to create a clear data file, and get to unlock the After Story.

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The After Story brings people to October 2015 and guarantees that the true ending of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is canon. Part of this is an opportunity to enjoy lighthearted fun with friends. The White Shroud is there. You can carve Jack O’ Lanterns. There’s dancing with the mall mascot. You can hand out balloons. SPiKA is there to perform. But even more importantly, this side story guarantees that any ties left loose after the true ending are wrapped up and the evil we faced in the main story is over. It also hints at a possible successor to the game.


Once Tokyo Xanadu eX+’s After Story is done, people might start wondering about what sorts of extras and new game plus adventures await. Well, it ushers people into new activities and challenges. Once After Story is over, a boss rush mode opens up. You can fight all of the bosses separately or one after another. It also means you are in a good place to start using that clear save file for a new game plus adventure. Each time you beat the game, you get points that let you carry over new things or earn awards. So you can carry over character level, Greed level, Soul level, your cash, gems, and medals, your items, your books and info, and/or your NiAR and battle information. You can also earn awards like “Hot Spring Wear,” “Dive in!,” and “Fashionista,” which are tied to costumes, get max Affinity Shards, have 200,000 yen, or unlock Infinity Mode, where all monsters are 50 levels stronger.

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The main reason to go through a new game plus file on Tokyo Xanadu eX+, aside from maybe experiencing a different difficulty level or seeing things you may have missed the first time around, is to go through additional Eclipse Gates. There are six bonus ones in a new game plus run. You can find them in chapters three, four, five, six, seven, and the epilogue on the way to the true ending. The chapter three one at Houraichou’s oasis, in chapter four you need to check the Kokonoe Shrine, in chapter five head to Nanahoshi Mall, in chapter six the Morimiya Academy’s pool has a gate, you need to visit the Brick Alley in chapter seven, and the X.R.C. in Morimiya Academy holds the final one.


Tokyo Xanadu eX+ just gives people so much to do in this second go around. It’s about more than just the side stories that pop up to offer a more detailed look at characters along the way. The new After Story is quite substantial. Once it is finished, you can take the time to fight all the bosses again. And of course when you have a cleared save file, you can choose things to carry over and explore bonus dungeons. It’s a fun and substantial game.


Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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