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Torgal Can Act as Your GPS in Final Fantasy XVI

final fantasy xvi torgal

Not only can Torgal help Clive out in battle, but if you ever find yourself lost in Final Fantasy XVI, Torgal can guide you to where you need to go. In a short clip that Square Enix uploaded onto its Twitter account for FFXVI, we can see how the navigation system works. As a reminder, you can pet Torgal–Producer Naoki Yoshida actively encourages it—any time he is being a good boy.

As you can see from the clip, pressing a button will get Torgal to leave Clive’s side. The dog will then run in the direction of where you need to go. It is possible that you will only be able to make Torgal guide you to the next location for a quest. That means that if you are looking for particular items and get turned around, Torgal might not be able to help you. However, since this is a feature from a game still in development, things will not be clear until the game launches.

Torgal is Clive’s dog in Final Fantasy XVI. In a previous interview that Famitsu conducted with the development team, we learned that he can also aid Clive in combat. Torgal can help attack enemies, which means he can contribute to your combo and prevent you from losing it. Players who play with the manual setting on can also directly control Torgal. However, at most, you can tell him what to do and when to do it during battle.

Final Fantasy XVI will come out for the PS5 on June 22, 2023.

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