Touhou DollDraft to Release for PC in June 2021

Touhou DollProject Release Date

During a recent broadcast, Why So Serious? announced that Touhou DollDraft will release for PC through the Steam storefront sometime in June 2021. The original window of release had been fairly ambiguous, with the Steam page stating that the game would be released in Spring 2021. However, the publisher has narrowed that window down, despite the lack of a specific date. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Touhou DollDraft puts a spin on the Touhou series, which will pit players against one another using doll-versions of Touhou characters to carry out combat. A trailer has yet to be released through the official Steam page. However, screenshots and character synopsis’ have been shared. Characters that will appear in Touhou DollDraft include Alice Margatroid, Tewi Inaba, Sakuya Izayoi, and Remilia Scarlet. Each of these characters have a design directly tied to visuals associated with Alice in Wonderland.

You can take a look at key art for these characters below.

The premise of Touhou DollDraft is vaguely inspired by the events of Alice in Wonderland, with Alice appearing in a strange world where she must participate in the “Doll Draft” game to return home.

A Touhou Project visual novel Hifuu Fragment was recently announced for Steam. This visual novel is also planned to release on Steam in 2021.

Touhou DollDraft will release for PC sometime in June 2021. The official Steam page states that the game will be released with English, Japanese, and simplified Chinese language support.

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