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Toukiden 2’s First Screenshots Share A Look At Its Gorgeous Open World



Koei Tecmo recently shared the newest details on their upcoming open-world hunting game, Toukiden 2, and Famitsu followed up with a look at its first screenshots, showcasing its gorgeous world.



In Toukiden 2, the protagonist is a Slayer with no memories, and has fought during the Awakening. During the battle, he flew ahead by ten years, and foun d himself in a village without any recollection of his memories. The game has a new weapon called the “Shield Sword,” and will have battles that transition seamlessly while out on the field.




One of the biggest changes for the sequel is that it’ll take place in an open-world setting. The areas include forests, caves, volcanoes, and all kinds of different fields.


Toukiden 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Its development is currently at 60% complete. You can catch up on more info on the game in our earlier report.

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