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Toukiden’s Latest Trailer Features A Wide Array Of Demon Hunting Weapons


The Mononofu warriors of Toukiden will be going up against some tough demons in historic hunting action style. They will be getting some help from spiritual powers of legendary heroes, but the rest will be up to their skills and abilities. Tecmo Koei gives us a look at the weapons you’ll be using to purge demons in Toukiden.



Long Katana


The Long Katana is the most balanced weapon in terms of speed, range and power, making it the easiest weapon to use in Toukiden. It may not have the best of any attributes, but Long Katana users will have a good mix of mobility to go with their strikes. It also has abilities that create shock waves from charged powers, and is a proven versatile weapon against any demon.


Tekko Gloves


The armor-plated Tekko gloves pack quite the punch with their superior power. This is a heavy weight weapon and can be quite slow, but it has an ability that puts the enemy in a certain condition, where each following hit will do more damage, which makes up for its lack of speed.


Sickle and Chain


This weapon is unique and appearance and also attribute, boasting both “Cut” and “Break” attacks. The Mononofu who use this weapon can do strong sickle slashes in close-ranged combat, and can also use the chain for mid-ranged attacks. Its main feature is the grappling effect that allows you to climb on top of your enemies to hit spots that might be hard to reach with other weapons.




The Bow is a weapon with the “Stab” attribute, and can attack safely from a remote distance. It has various types of shots, such as a barrage shot that can be used against smaller demons and a charge shot for more damage against the much tougher large demons.


Dual Swords


Easily the speediest weapon for our Mononofu warriors, featuring both “Cut” and “Stab” attributes. The Dual Swords are used for quick and powerful consecutive attacks. Similar to the Sickle and Chain, it allows the player to reach higher parts of large demons by using additional jumps off attacks, making Dual Sword users a master of both land and air. The whirlwind ability can also deal some devastating damage to any demon out there.




The Spear isn’t your average ranged melee weapon in Toukiden. It features “Stab” and “Break” attributes that can be used in close and mid-ranged combat. Most of its attacks rely on holding down buttons for charges; however, the charges are pretty short so you’ll be able to pull off multiple attacks in a short amount of time.


Toukiden will be released on June 27th for PlayStation Vita and PSP in Japan.


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