Transformers X World of Warships Event Brings Cybertron to the Waves

World of Warships

Sound general quarters, because the newest big wave to hit naval combat game World of Warships is a crossover with none other than the Transformers franchise. Developer has hooked up with Hasbro to make four well-known Transformers characters playable in-game. Check out a trailer for the crossover below:

The Autobots and Decepticons will each send two characters to represent their faction in World of Warships aboard the decks of specially modified Tier X vessels. The Transformers ship skins feature customized paint jobs based on their characters, and also host specially animated models, as well as special turrets that show the guns being operated by Cybertronians. As for the characters themselves, the usual suspects all make an appearance. Autobot leader Optimus Prime will take his place aboard the deck of a Montana-class battleship, while Decepticon leader Megatron raises his alloyed fist over the crew of a German Großer Kurfürst-class battleship. The two leaders’ subordinates also appear with lighter classes of ship. Bumblebee lends his recon and stealth expertise from the environs of an American Gearing-class destroyer, while seismic specialist Rumble gets aboard a Russian Khabarovsk-class destroyer.

World of Warships is hardly a stranger to out-of-left-field content, though. The game has run crossovers with a variety of franchises, including Azur LaneArpeggio of Blue Steel, and Warhammer 40,000. For an April Fools’ joke, the game put on a space-based theme, allowing players to briefly cosplay as the Space Battleship Yamato. Meanwhile,  its sister game World of Tanks, also ran collaborations with Valkyria Chronicles and Girls und Panzer.

That said, the Transformers brand doesn’t immediately come to mind when one thinks of naval combat. Most recognizable Transformers characters have taken on the form of more land-bound vehicles like cars, trucks, and tanks (in fact, the crossover version of Megatron takes the form of a tank, whereas his classic design transforms into a large handgun). Aquatic transformers are relatively few and far between, limited to being alternative modes for existing characters, like the Triple-Changer Broadside, or obscure characters like Seaspray.

Check out more details on the World of Warships X Transformers: Warships in Disguise crossover here. The update is planned to go live for World of Warships on PC in September 2020.

Josh Tolentino
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