Transistor Is Now Available On iOS Devices



After finding success on PlayStation 4 and PC, Supergiant Games has now launched its isometric sci-fi action-RPG Transistor for iPhone and iPad. You can purchase it for $9.99 on the App Store.


The iOS version of Transistor is pretty much the same as the console and PC versions except that it has controls configured specifically for touchscreen. But if that’s not the way you want to play it then you’ll be thankful that it has full controller support.



In Transistor, you play as Red, a famous singer in the futuristic city of Cloudbank, as she is hunted down by a robotic force known as Process. As she flees, Red finds the Transistor, which is the mysterious sword meant to kill her during an assassination. The Transistor is possessed by a man’s consciousness and is able to talk to Red.


Now armed with the Transistor, Red is able to combat the Process as she investigates the plot that nearly got her killed. Battles are played in real-time, however, you’re able to use “Time()” to freeze the action and plan out moves. You can also configure the Transistor with thousands of different combinations of Functions to assist you in battles.

Chris Priestman