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Trials of Mana Goes Over Its Extra Costumes, Goddess Scales and Gardening


Trials of Mana’s upcoming release will include a lot of quality of life changes, ranging from completely new features to reintroducing classicabilities and skills. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Fans can once more enjoy Trials of Mana’s dynamic classes system, which features three-tiers with a “light” path and a “dark” path. For added effect, each character will receive different costumes for each class and path. Players also can freely choose their favorite costume for each character.

Players can also enjoy the new ability to reset their classes by using the Goddess Scales to rebalance party members. However, since resetting a class is a major choice, the Goddess Scales will be a difficult item to find in-game. Players can also use a similar function to reset their growth points.

In town, the party will now split up, leaving the player with only the protagonist to control. Players can enjoy interacting with their party around town, and can freely chat with them as they explore.

Another unique feature is the addition of seeds and flower pots. When staying at an inn, players can plant different seeds in flower planters and receive items and equipment in return. Seeds can be obtained from monsters. As the planter’s level increases, players can expect to get better and better goods in return for tending to the seeds they sow.

Other quality of life changes include updated healing mechanics and new link abilities. There are also new items that have been added to increase experience and luck for a period of time. Players can find these scattered across the game in towns, treasure chests, and the field.

Finally, the game will also feature 12 save slots, autosave, and an increased number of Goddess Statues that players can use to save in the field. Players also now will have the ability to chose a difficulty level from four options. Gameplay will stay the same regardless of level.

Trials of Mana will be released globally on April 24, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. While a demo leak did appear, Sony canceling its PAX East 2020 plans means it won’t be at that company’s booth for attendees to play.

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