A Peek At Two New Scenarios In Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram

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Here’s the latest scoop on two scenarios Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram has to offer.


Eternal Polaris



Mayuri feels that  something has been off with Okabe Rintarou and Makise Kurisu, lately. After seeing the worried expression on their faces, she begins to think that it had something to do with herself. Mayuri builds the courage to confront Kurisu about the problem. Hesitant at first, Kurisu decides to talk.


She explains, that in order for Okabe to save Mayuri, Kurisu will end up having to sacrifice her own life. It’s a fate she has already decided upon.


012 014

The tremendous shock turns Mayuri into a trembling mess. No matter how much she tries to come to terms with her own fate, she can’t bring herself to accept the fact that Kurisu will be sacrificing herself. Kurisu does her best to comfort Mayuri, as she does her best to smile. That’s when Mayuri chooses to make a determined decision.


Quantum excited in Coma



Moeka Kiryu works as a Rounder for SERN. She was ordered by her boss, FB, to create a futuristic gadget and monitor the laboratory. When they discovered the microwave they’ve been researching can also be used as a time machine, FB ordered them to destroy it and to dismantle the team of researchers.


026 030

At first, Moeka was cautious of her lab mates, but eventually opened up to Kurisu and Mayuri, due to their kindness. This just made it harder for her to obey FB’s demands, as she hesitated. The situation between FB and the researchers escalated, which eventually led to having their laboratory raided, along with an order to have the researchers executed…


5pb’s Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram is slated to be released on April 25th, 2013.


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