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Ultra Street Fighter II Tactics Video Shows How To Play Evil Ryu And Violent Ken, Details On Changes



Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers just released for the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo has shared a new video to help both new and veteran players of the game improve their game with some useful tips and tricks for a variety of characters.


You can watch it all in the video below.


The video starts out with a highlight for the new characters Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, with an introduction of their battle abilities. Evil Ryu has low vitality and stun but high attack ability. He’s considered more of a “tank character” compared to Akuma and Violent Ken. As for Violent Ken, he has the lowest vitality and stun in the game, after Akuma. He has quick overall movement and is an offense-oriented character.


Following the introduction, the video highlights various changes in Ultra Street Fighter II from Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Here are some of the adjustments Capcom made for the Switch fighter:

  • Special move commands are relatively easier than in Street Fighter II
  • Stored Senretsukyaku and stored Oni Musou have been removed.
  • Oicho Throw inescapable loops have been removed.
  • Double-juggle Scarlet Terror has been removed.
  • Fixed-value damage and stun for everything except throws.
  • etc.


Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is available for the Nintendo Switch.