Uma Musume Nendoroids, Figmas, and Figures Coming

Uma Musume Figures

Good Smile Company revealed artwork and images of new figures, figmas, and Nendoroids of popular characters from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby at WonHobby 34. The company announced a total of five figures at the event. A work-in-progress model of the previously-teased Gold Ship Nendoroid was also revealed. As the products are currently in development, there are currently no confirmed release dates or prices.

Three 1/7 scale figures were announced: Mejiro McQueen, Daiwa Scarlet, and Nice Nature. Good Smile Company will design the Mejiro McQueen figure, Max Factory will design the Daiwa Scarlet figure, and Phat Company will release the Nice Nature figure. Additionally, it announced two figma: Mejiro McQueen and Gold Ship. Finally, Good Smile Company gave fans a glimpse into what the Gold Ship Nendoroid will look like.

You can get a better look at the Uma Musume figures, figmas, and Nendoroids below.

Late last month, Cygames held its own figure announcement live stream. There, it announced the Gold Ship Nendoroid. Three other POP UP PARADE figures of Gold Ship, Tokai Teio, and Mejiro McQueen were announced in that stream, though they did not make an appearance at WonHobby 34. It also announced that new figures would be released by other figure companies like Kotobukiya and Alter.

TheĀ Uma Musume: Pretty Derby figures, figmas, and Nendoroids are currently in development. Good Smile Company hasn’t confirmed any release dates or prices.

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